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School Fee Insurance

This page of Schoolfeesguide.com gives some background information about school fees insurance, as well as a useful overview of the private school system in the UK and methods of funding your child’s education.

What is school fees insurance?

This type of insurance policy works in a similar way as other general insurance plans such as life insurance and home insurance, in that if something goes wrong, the policy is there to keep you covered.

Specifically, insurance policies for school fees pay for your child’s or children’s private/independent school fees in the event that you are unable to. The policy is generally activated should you (as a parent/guardian) or your spouse becomes ill or dies. However, these insurance pay-out terms vary between different providers in the UK, and professional advice from a authorised financial planner should always be taken to ensure any policy matches your needs and expectations.

How does school fee insurance work?

As mentioned above, these unique kinds of insurance policy may be activated in the event that parent(s) or guardian(s) who have previously been paying for school fees become unable to do so anymore, which is usually due to illness or death.

Once the school fee insurance policy is activated, the provider may start paying the school fees of the child directly to the child’s school. This direct payment channel has a number of advantages, such as:

  • The child’s education is not disrupted should the worse happen (i.e. the child would in theory not have to drop out of the school or be subject to any time off due to unpaid fees)
  • The payments are not subject to any taxation, as they are paid directly to the school rather than to an individual
  • Parents can rest assured that the money paid out by the insurance policy in the event of death will be used for the correct purposes (i.e. pay for the school fees), rather than any other purposes.

How to find school fee insurance providers?

If you are looking to take up a school fees insurance policy, one of the best places to start looking is by contacting the school your child is enrolled at or the school(s) that you child will potentially be enrolled at in the future.

Most private and independent schools will have a list of insurance providers on hand who they work with. You can then contact these providers yourself to find out more about the policies they offer, or consult a professional financial adviser as to which one they think suits your needs best.

Other types of education-related insurance policies

It is also worth noting that there are other insurance policies available relating to your child’s education, such as a pupil’s personal possession insurance (most commonly taken out with pupils enrolled in a boarding school or coming to study from overseas), as well as types of school fees refund insurance and health insurance.


If you would like to discover more about school fees in the UK, please take time to look through this website, which includes information about the different types of schools in the UK, funding options, payment support and ways to get advice.


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