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School Fees Planning Advice

Are you a parent or guardian interested in learning more about school fees planning for private school education in the UK?

Whatever age of your children, planning how to finance your child’s private school education can be complicated and stressful – particularly for those middle-income families who may be debating whether to go down the private or state school route.

This page offers some guidelines about school fees, methods of seeking financial help and focuses on ways in which you can seek school fee planning advice.

Why get schools fees advice?

Putting your child through a UK private school, on average, costs in the region of £5,000 per year for day schools and £10,000 per year for boarding schools, while more prestigious names can charge considerably more than these amounts.

For many families with multiple children, getting school fees advice from experts can have a number of benefits. For example, experts can:

  • Provide an overview of the relevant private schools you are interested in, as well as a rundown of the annual fees for each one
  • Present a range of options to make sure that the school fees are more affordable, by providing methods of financial help such as scholarship, bursary and grant opportunities
  • Examine your family’s financial status, and make sure that your children will be able to continue their full education without facing any financial difficulties further down the road
  • Plan investment schemes if need be, including assessment of interest rates, taxation rates and any potential risks.

School fees planing advice – who to turn to?

There is a wide range of school fees planning advice services available online. Some combine their expertise on the UK private school education system with expert financial advice, while others will only offer advice regarding actual school fees.

In most cases, we advise that all families seek the independent advice from a financial planner, especially when taking out loans or starting school fee investment schemes.

Having an expert body, independent financial planner (or both) on your side can ensure that you are not overpaying fees, not overpaying tax and can protect you if something goes wrong.


For more information on school fee planning advice, as well as an overview of private school fees in the UK, funding assistance, insurance and repayment options, please feel free to explore the rest of this site.



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