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Help with private school fees

This page of Schoolfeesguide.com takes a quick look at how parents and guardians can seek out help with school fees. We look at the reasons as to why you may need financial help with your child’s or children’s education in the near future, including options such as scholarships and bursaries. It is also useful to consider the status of some of these private schools in the UK, such as their charity status (which can affect funding) as well as political pressure on these schools.

Why parents may need to get help with private school fees?

With rising private school fees (recent estimates suggest fees have risen at a rate of 500% over the last 25 years compared to a 200% rise in the rates of consumer goods), the thought of putting the kids through this type of education system can be scary.

Put simply, most families with two or three children cannot afford the annual fees, which can be more than an average person’s yearly salary in the UK.

The good news is that help is available. In fact, a considerable percentage of families whose children go through the private school system do not actually have to pay the full amount. Help with private school fees comes in various different forms, which we look at below:


Scholarships are one of the most popular forms of ‘help’ families receive in terms of financing their children’s time at private school.

It is common for even the most prestigious private schools in the country to offer scholarships worth between 10% and 50% of the annual fees, while others may offer discounts for specific subjects rather than an overall education.

However, unlike private schools, universities and higher education institutes in America, it is not usual for private schools in the UK to offer 100% paid-up scholarships.


Another popular form of financial help with school fees is bursaries. This type of funding tends to be aimed at families who would not normally be able to afford expensive private school tuition fees.

Do bear in mind that assessments for bursaries do not only look at a family’s yearly income, but also the family’s assets, investments and number of children requiring education.

Charity status of schools and grants

In the UK there are various charitable organisations who work closely with private and independent schools. Often, these charities have small grants available, either to entice more students to enroll at a particular school it’s partnered with, or to help out low-income families.

These grants aren’t as financially significant as the above-described scholarships and bursaries, however, that extra little bit of money coming in each month or each school term can make a real difference in the standard of living for many families across the country.

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